Kinnaur - Sangla - Kalpa – Chitkul Tour (Book Hotels & Taxi )

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Are you thinking of travelling to Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, but are not able to make it because of various reasons, here is all the guide, taxi services details to guide you to one of the most memorable trips of your life. Though this itinerary is not an easy one, it will be the most adventurous trip as you will pass through Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh which is surrounded by thick woods and one of the world’s most dangerous roads as featured in the history channel. During the trip you will cover Kalpa which is at an altitude of 2960 metres, Sangla Valley which is at an altitude of 2696 metres and the highest point during this journey will come at Chitkul which is the last point is the highest point of 3450 metres. Similar to Ladakh the valley will bestow you with challenging terrains, eye catching landscapes and adventurous road.

Delhi To Chitkul Itinerary by Sarahan, Kalpa, Sangla

Here is the detailed itinerary how to go by your journey to Sarahan, Kalpa and Chitkul. We will start our journey from Delhi and first continue till Shimla or Narkanda:

Delhi to Shimla/ Narkanda

Delhi to Shimla will be around 350 km. Road is a plain road till Chandigarh until you turn right from highway at Zirakpur which connects to Himalayan Expressway to Shimla which will be a journey of around 6-7 hrs. If you reach Shimla on time, you can continue your journey to Narkanda which is further 68kms from Shimla and will take 3hrs more to reach there. Staying at narkanda will help you start late next day and if you stay at Shimla you have to commence your journey early in the morning. So you will be covering 430kms in one day till Narkanda.

Shimla to Sarahan

Shimla to Sarahan is 160 km and from narkanda it is 98 kms. You will cover the following area while travelling to Sarahan.

Shimla – Kufri – Fagu – Narkanda – Kumarsain – Kingal – Rampur – Jhakri – Jeori – Sarahan

It will be around 6-7 hours drive from Shimla and 4 hours from Narkanda. You will be travelling along Satluj river throughout the journey to Sarahan after Narkanda on the road towards Rampur. You can stop at Rampur for refreshments or snacks and then continue towards Jeori. Road is good till Rampur and is tricky as it goes towards jeori. After reaching Jeori you need to leave the highway and take the road to Sarahan which is a steep 16km road. After reaching sarahan you can stay overnight there. There is a Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan and bird sanctuary which you can visit during your stay at sarahan.

Sarahan to Karcham Pass

After staying overnight at Sarahan you will continue your journey to Karcham from where the two routes bifurcate to sangla valley and one to Chitkul. Sarahan to Karcham is 67kms  and will be 4-5 hrs drive. And route map will be:

Sarahan – Jeori – Wangtu – Tapri – Chooling – Karcham

Road after Wangtu is not good and is advised to drive carefully.There is a dam on river Satluj in Karcham. When you reach Karcham you need to continue upto a bridge where you will see two roads, if you go straight you will reach sangla valley and if you make a turn to the left you will reach Kalpa.

Karcham to Sangla

Karcham to Sangla is an 18 km drive from sangla which will take around 1 to 1.5 hours to reach there. It is a steep climb to the valley from the Karchham. The temperature is very low at Sangla and it is closed after December upto may because there is very heavy snowfall there. The river baspa flows through the valley and view is mesmerizing. If you are out of cash you can withdraw at the ATM located in Sangla.

Sangla to Chitkul

After viewing Sangla you have to return back to Karcham and then proceed towards Chitkul. This is the most beautiful places here where river Baspa flows through the village and view of Himalayas is mesmerizing. There are about 100 houses in the village and lots of hotels so there is no problem for accommodation. It will take 2  hours from sangla to reach Chitkul. Sangla to Chitkul is around 22 kms.

Chitkul to Kalpa

Now we have reached Chitkul, now we go to the last destination on our rote that is Kalpa. We have to go back to Karcham from Chitkul and from Karcham we have to go until we reach Powari, From Powari we have to take a road to left and leave the highway  which takes you to Reckong Peo. Foreigners will need a pass to travel here as there are many check posts in Reckong Peo as it is a base of an army. The route map to kalpa from Chitkul is as follows:

Chitkul – Sangla – Karcham – Powari – Reckong Peo – Kalpa

In Reckong Peo you will reach a road which is the main market of the town from where you need to take a road that goes left and after travelling 10 kms on this road you will reach Kalpa. Kalpa is famous for its apple orchards and you will be amazed to see the view of Kinner kailash.

Delhi to Chitkul Car Package

As we have covered all the details of how to get to your trip to Chitkul, we will provide you with taxis or cab for your wonderful trip to this place. We have hatchbacks, sedans, Suvs available for your ride. As the trip is in hilly areas and road might be covered with snow and you might encounter roadblocks, some water bodies passing through road, steep slopes along your journey and not so proper roads through your journey it’s always advisable to commence your journey through SUVs as they have more leg space and they also provide better torque in hilly areas. Moreover Suvs have greater ground clearance area which is best for the hilly roads. We provide these cabs from various locations. There are three pick up points for your journey to Sarahan, Sangla, Chitkul, Kalpa which are New Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla

Delhi to Chitkul Taxi Fare Information – Pickup Point Delhi

We have pickup point at new Delhi for your journey to beautiful places. As the cab will be booked for round trip so the approximate distance traveled will be around 1200 km in 6 days. So here are the car prices from Delhi to one of the most beautiful destinations:

Delhi to Chitkul Taxi Price – Pickup Point Delhi

Category Car Model Passenger Capacity Luggage Capacity Price Availability
Sedan Swift Dzire/Toyota Etios 4 2 big 1 small Rs 18000 In stock
MUV Toyota Innova 6 3 big 2 small Rs 27000 In stock
SUV Mahindra Scorpio 6-8 3 big 2 small Rs 28000 In stock
MUV Toyota Innova Crysta 6-7 3 big 2 small Rs 30000 In stock

Chandigarh to Chitkul Taxi Fare Information – Pickup Point Chandigarh

Now as our pickup point have been Chandigarh the distance will be cut short by around 500km. It means you will have to travel less if you are in the city beautiful, therefore round trip journey will be around 700 kms which can be maximum covered in 4-5 days. Here is the bifurcation of the car prices accordingly if you are in Chandigarh for your trip to Chitkul.

Chandigarh to Chitkul Taxi Fare – Pickup Point Chandigarh

Category Car Model Passenger Capacity Luggage Capacity Price Availability
Sedan Swift Dzire/Toyota Etios 4 2 big 1 small Rs 15000 In stock
MUV Toyota Innova 6 3 big 2 small Rs 22000 In stock
SUV Mahindra Scorpio 6-8 3 big 2 small Rs 24000 In stock
MUV Toyota Innova Crysta 6-7 3 big 2 small Rs 25000 In stock

Shimla to Chitkul Taxi Rate Information – Pickup Point Shimla

Queen of hills Shimla is the next point from where you can hire our cab to chitkul. We will provide you the best cars available with us. As the journey is through hilly terrain, the cars provided will be well maintained along with the experienced drivers. Chandigarh to Shimla is 112 km so your further distance for the round trip journey is reduced by approximate 230 km round trip which will be now only around 470 kms. and journey can be completed in maximum 3 days. Now let us tell you the car prices from the Queen of hills which is mentioned in the below table:

Shimla to Chitkul Taxi Fare – Pickup Point Shimla

Category Car Model Passenger Capacity Luggage Capacity Price Availability
Sedan Swift Dzire/Toyota Etios 4 2 big 1 small Rs 9500 In stock
MUV Toyota Innova 6 3 big 2 small Rs 16000 In stock
SUV Mahindra Scorpio 6-8 3 big 2 small Rs 17000 In stock
MUV Toyota Innova Crysta 6-7 3 big 2 small Rs 18000 In stock

Places to Visit Enroute Chitkul

As we have knowledge about the itinerary from Delhi, now we will see what are the other locations we will explore till we reach Chitkul as we have multiple stoppages in our journey. As we are commencing our journey from New Delhi, our first night stay will be at Shimla or Narkanda. If we have started from New Delhi in the morning around 6 am we will be reaching at Shimla by 2 pm. Now we have two options:

  1. Have an overnight stay at Shimla
  2. Take rest for 1-2 hrs and continue journey till Narkanda and have a night stay there.

Places to visit in Shimla

Now when you are staying overnight at Shimla you can visit Jakhu Temple, Indian Advanced Studies, Christ Church, Chadwick waterfalls and take a stroll at night on the famous Mall Road and the Ridge. Don’t try to exhaust yourself as you can leave some places as you will need to get up early the next day to continue your journey to Sarahan.

Places to visit in Narkanda

When you stay at Narkanda you have the freedom to get up late the next day as you have to cover 70 km lesser than Shimla. Narkanda is a very peaceful and quiet place. You can visit the Hatu Peak if you have time as you will be reaching late at Narkanda. At the top of the hill is Hatu Mata Temple which is dedicated to mandodari, the wife of Ravana. At a distance of 5km from the city center of Narkanda is Tubbar Lake. These are the main attractions in narkanda which can be well covered in 2 hrs. Staying at Narkanda will benefit you next morning as you can leave around 10 am next day easily.

Places to Visit in Sarahan

Our next stoppage on our route will be Sarahan which is 160 km from Shimla and around 98kms from Narkanda. So this is the location where we will staying overnight enroute our journey to Chitkul. The places to visit in Sarahan are:

  • Bhimakali Temple is a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. The temple is centuries old and is a fusion of Hindu and Buddhist Architecture.
  • The other place of interest in Sarahan is the bird sanctuary. You can see many local birds here.

Places to Visit in Sangla

Our next overnight stay will be at Sangla. The places to visit in Sangla are:

  • Sangla Meadow which is an open space where you can stroll and view the breathtaking views of snow-covered himalayas.
  • Next in the list is Bering Nag Temple which is devoted to snake of Lord Shiva.
  • Kamru Fort is next at Sangla to visit which has a great architecture and      is now converted to the temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya Devi.
  • Tibetan Wood Carving Center is a place famous for tibetan products which are made of wood carvings.
  • You can also do camping in Sangla. There are many camps near Baspa river to stay which provides accommodation and they also provide you the experience of adventure activities such as rock climbing , rappelling and river crossing.

Places to Visit in Chitkul

After driving 22 km from Sangla we will reach the last inhabited village in India located on Indo-Tibetan border which is ultimately our last destination on our trip. The places to visit here are:

  1. Chitkul Fort: This fort is one of the attractions of Chitkul which is made up of wooden carvings was actually a shrine. It is a three storey tower like structure which is made up of alternating layers of stone and wood.
  2. Mathi Devi Temple: The temple is devoted to Goddess mathi who is the local goddess for the people of Chitkul. This temple is 500 years old and the statue of goddess is made of wood from walnut. The temple also have three shrines in total.
  3. Akhri Dhaba: This is last dhaba of India in the village of Chitkul which offers tasty and delicious food.
  4. Hydro Flour Mill : The mill is operated by power generated from hydro power
  5. Baspa River: You can stroll at the banks of Baspa river and take beautiful pictures of himalayas.

Places to Visit in Kalpa

After visiting chitkul next on our route is Kalpa where we have various places to visit. Some of the notable places in the village of Kalpa are mentioned below

  • Kinner Kailash – It is one of the most beautiful places on earth which is endowed with snow-covered peaks, lush green orchards and vineyards. This peak have holy significance in both hindu and buddhist mythology. The landscape here is breathtaking and one would not be able to leave the place because of the beautiful views all around.
  • Chakka Trek – If you are into adventure, than you can go for a trek at Chakka peak. It is a 15000 feet trek which will take about 3 hours alongside the river.
  • Sapni Fort – This seven storeyed building is marvelous display of architecture and structural design of ancient times. The temple is devoted to Goddess Kali which is situated on the fifth storey of the building displaying exemplary art of wood.
  • Suicide Point – A 10 min walk through orchard of red apples is an view to remember for. It’s called suicde point because of its location as the area is having vertical slopes and deadly curves.
  • Batseri – Batseri is a village in Kalpa famous for its two temples. One temple is dedicated to Lord Budhha and other is for Lord Badri Narayan. The village is popular for its hand woven caps and shawls which are of superior quality.
  • Kothi – The village is famous for its temple which gives the breathtaking views of Kailash mountains. Moreover, the village is famous for fruits as it can be viewed all around the village.
  • Hu-Bu-Lan-Kar Monastery – This monastery is as old as 1000 years and one of the best places for the lovers of history.

That is all the places we will cover on our most tiring and adventurous trip of Chitkul.

Tips for the Journey to Sarahan, Sangla, Chitkul and Kalpa

We have gone through itinerary, places visit enroute our trip to Chitkul. Now there are some points to make note of when travelling to the adventurous journey to last inhabited village in India.

  • Best time to visit Chitkul is September October as the valley is full with flowers of different colours and roads are also good because of no rain and snowfall.
  • Always carry very warm clothes as temperature falls drastically in the region even during summers.
  • Always carry enough cash because you will net get any ATMs soon on the way. The last ATM on the route is at Sangla which is 20 km ahead of Chitkul.
  • Always carry a first aid kit as last medical facility is available at Sangla which is also for small diseases. If there is anything serious you would need to rush at Shimla or Reckong Peo
  • Keep an extra bottle or can for the petrol as there are petrol pumps which are at least available after Karcham.
  • The only mobile network which works in the area is BSNL.
  • Carry your trekking shoes as the roads can be tricky to walk because of snowfall and rain.

These are some of the tips you need to take care of. We have summarised the tips in table below along with some important phone numbers of district Kinnaur as the area which we have covered comes under Kinnaur district.

Things To Remember for Chitkul Trip Via Sarahan, Sangla
Best Time to Visit May- June , Sep – Oct
Last Petrol Pump Near Karcham
Last ATM Sangla
Last Medical Facility Available Sangla
Medicines to Carry Paracetamol, Disprin, Mountain sickness medicine for vomiting.
Essential Things to Carry Sun Screen, Moisturisers, Lip Balms, Hand Sanitizers, Umbrellas, Rain Coat, Trekking Shoes, Warm Clothes, Windcheaters, Jackets, Thermal Inners
Network Available BSNL
STD Code Kinnaur 01786
Deputy Commissioner Kinnaur 222252
SDM cum DTDO, Kinnaur 01786-222253

That’s all the information for you Chitkul Trip. So be ready to explore one of the most adventurous and entertaining terrains of not only India, but also the world and share your amazing experiences with us. Book the  cab with w2stravel to take you to the bestest of best journey with so much to offer enroute trip to Chitkul covering Shimla, Sarahan, Kalpa and Sangla.

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